Various places where you can find more NodifyMe stuff.
Wednesday, June 13 2018
NodifyMe Studio is the main user interface for NodifyMe. Most of your time will be spent in this interface.
Monday, May 28 2018
This document will walk you through the steps to get a Hub and Service Host up and running on a Raspberry Pi.
Wednesday, May 16 2018
In this quick how-to, we'll see how Hubs are found and added to NodifyMe Studio.
Monday, May 28 2018
In this doc we'll take a quick look at connections and logging in.
Monday, May 28 2018
Service Hosts are containers that load and run NodifyMe Services. We'll take a look at adding Service Hosts to your Hub to enable the Services that are built to use them.
Monday, May 28 2018
Services are plugins that allow the platform to grow quickly on many different platforms. We'll learn how to add them to your Hub and Host here so that you can really get started with NodifyMe.
Monday, May 28 2018
In this doc we do a quick walkthrouh of putting together your first program.
Tuesday, July 31 2018
What is NodifyMe? What does it solve? How does it work?
Friday, May 18 2018