Getting Started - Installing Services
Tuesday, July 31 2018

Services are plugins that allow the platform to grow quickly on many different platforms.

We'll learn how to add them to your Hub and Host here so that you can really get started with NodifyMe.

This process is very similar to the process of

You first need to install a Service on a Hub which will add it to the

You can find the Service downloads and documentation at NodifyMe

Once you have them downloaded, you can add to your Hub (where ever it is running) using NodifyMe Studio.

You can click on

Click on the + sign to add the downloaded file..

Services are contained in files that end in .svcpk (Service Pack) and contain everything needed to get up and running for that Service.

Once you click on the checkmark button NodifyMe studio will send the Service Pack to be installed on the Hub.

The Service will now be available to add under any compatible Service Host. Simple drag and drop as you did with the Service Hosts to create a new Service which is active.