Getting Started - Finding Hubs from NodifyMe Studio
Friday, September 21 2018

If you have Hubs running anywhere on your network, you can find them by using the built in Hub Scanner in NodifyMe Studio.

How does this work? Hubs broadcast themselves with a very small message so that other Hubs and NodifyMe Studio know that they are running. NodifyMe Studio can use this to locate them and get enough information to about them to set them up without you having to worry about where they live on your network.

The scanner is found under the Find Hubs item in the Navigation Pane on the left.

After putting the scanner into the Scan position, you should see any Hubs added in a short amount of time.

You will need to click on each Hub that you find in the list and click the check mark to save the Hub to your permanent list.

Once you have added the Hub to your permanent Hubs list you will not have to do this scan step again.

The next next step to getting started is logging in and connecting to the Hub or Hubs that you've just created!

Getting Started - Login to Hub