Getting Started - RPi - Installing Hub and Service Host
Monday, October 8 2018

The Raspberry Pi is a great way to get started into automation and NodifyMe makes it even easier. This guide will help guide you through the steps to get the Raspberry Pi Hub and Service Host working.


- Windows Desktop (for NodifyMe Studio)

- Raspberry Pi

- Prototype Board, Female to Male leads, LED

- General knowledge of Raspberry Pi, the terminal and using root user.

Installation Steps

You'll need perform the following steps logged into the Raspberry Pi as the root user or be able to use sudo.

cd /tmp
sudo chmod 7777
sudo ./

Stop any existing Hubs

ps aux

Look for any processes named hub running under a JaybirdLabs directory and stop them by using:

ps kill [process of hub]

Start Hub

To start the Hub and watch the output, you can use the following command:


To run the Hub in the background and continue doing other things, use the following:

/root/jaybirdlabs/nodifyme/hubversions/ &

You can add either of the lines to the rc.local or any other method for starting programs on a Raspberry Pi to have this launched automatically on restart.

Once the Hub is started you can move on to connecting using NodifyMe Studio.