Getting Started - Hub Log In and Hub Connection
Tuesday, July 31 2018

Hub connections happen over secure web sockets but most of the connection address configuration and certificate stuff has been taken care of on the backend.

If you have added your Hub using the 'Find Hubs' view then all of the hard stuff has been taken care of.

You simply need to click connect and login with the default information.

In the free version and early versions of NodifyMe, there is some support for adding Users however much of this can be ignored for now. Logging in with the default username and password are okay.

Once you click on the checkmark button, you should be logged in and ready to go.

From the main Hub view you can add users, service hosts and change Hub configuration. Take care when deleting things or editing configuration if you are unsure of IP addresses and such.

Note: Don't delete any users as there are no protections from locking your self out if you delete yourself.

You are now connected to your Hub - Congratulations!