We've added some of the hardware that we are commonly finding ourselves using in our projects.


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The Raspberry Pi is an awesome single board computer. It is kind of the swiss army knife of computers. It can run as a gaming platform, as a general purpose web browser, power a robotic or run an automation project somewhere in the desert.
Get started with Arduino with one kit!
Mini Arduino form factor for use with 3.3v projects.
These are the original wifi modules that took the DIY electronics and the IoT by storm!
LoRa is revolutionizing long distance radio for DIY and IoT.
Easily add Bluetooth to you Arduino projects
Super easy medium distance radios
Zigbee / 802.15.4 Modules Xbee-Pro 900HP
Control lights, motors, valves and more.
Easily add water switching from a 12V source such as a solar panel.
Darlington Arrays are an incredibly cheap, safe and easy way to boost output from digital pins.
Instantly add presence detection to any project.
Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
LEDs are used for just about every project! I am not sure that we will ever have enough of these things.
10 Watts 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit
100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit
Lead Acid Battery
Small, light weight power source for wearables and other portable projects.
Ultimate for powering small wearable tech
Ideal for Arduino Projects or other PCB projects
Steps down voltage from 32V - 4V to 30V-1.25V.
Tried and true Weller Soldering Iron
Excellent soldering iron for those who find themselves soldering a lot.
Don't breath in those soldering fumes!