The RPi Gpio service provides nodes that allow you to set and read the state of the pins of a Raspberry Pi. Note: This service must be run with root privileges.

Service Pack Downloads

Service Packs are platform specific builds of a Service. Some Services are built specifically for certain hardware (like the Raspberry Pi GPIO service), however, for most types, we have a Service Pack available for all platforms.
Simply download the Service Pack for the platform that you have available to host it and add it using NodifyMe Studio. Do not rename the service pack file before installing. If you need to download more than one platform then you will need to store them seperately, or, install between downloads to that the download can just be overwritten.
Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi digital GPIO service pack.


Service Properties

Use WiringPi Numbers
Whether or not to use the Wiring Pi (http://wiringpi.com/) naming scheme for the GPIO pins (true) or to use the standard GPIO pin names. Keep in mind that GPIO pin names change throughout different revisions of the Raspberry Pis.
Datastream Type
Default Value
Property Id


The Timed Pin Reader starts a timer when the node is turned 'On'. Each time the set Interval is reached, the set pin is read and the value is sent out on the output pin.

The Signaled Pin Reader simply reads a pin value when it receives any input signal.

The Interrupt Pin Reader triggers automatically every time a pin changes state. This reader does not require a timer and is immediate. It is useful for things require immediate notification.

The Digital Pin Writer allows the setting of a pin to an on or an off state.

The Frequency Pin Reader will sum the total of number of a given pin state over a set amount of time. This is useful for analyzing PWM signal or counting the number of times a high or low signal is on a given pin during a set timeframe.

The soft PWM library allows the use of many pins to do high frequency switching at around 100 micro seconds. This uses the wonderful Wiring Pi library. More info can be found here: http://wiringpi.com/reference/software-pwm-library/

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