Secure. Fast. Modular. Easy.

Easy edge-first computing for the IoT and automation.

This project is run on donations. Please consider donating if you like what we are doing and would like development to continue.

NodifyMe allows you to connect to different hardware and software components directly as well as allowing you to connect the components to each other.

Click here to download the latest free version of NodifyMe without email hassels or gotchas.

Gettings Started

Check out the documents section for some quick start guides and NodifyMe overviews start now.


You can view some projects that have been done by us while we have been testing the platform here.


The small building blocks in NodifyMe are called Nodes. Nodes are visual representations of things are happening in the real world. This can be a blinking light or notifications from your favorite social platform. You can connect any of these together, visually, to create all sorts of new things.


NodifyMe can run just about anywhere. NodifyMe was not built with a single platform in mind. Instead, it runs on most platforms, taking advantage different types of hardware.

Edge First

The prime directive of NodifyMe is to run light, fast and completely at the edge.

The cloud can and should be used to augment processes running at the edge, BUT, it should not rely on it. You can run NodifyMe on your private island if you are so fortunate to have one, but, even if you don't, the days of having to send your 'Turn on Light' command halfway around the world and then having to wait that awkward few seconds are over... (unless, of course, your light is halfway around the world).

Fast and Light

The NodifyMe core has been made to be lean and mean from day one. You don't need to install databases or other heavy components to get started. It was built to run on anything with minimal fuss so that you can get started building stuff as soon as possible.


Hacks compromising millions or billions of people's personal data is so common that it is hardly newsworthy anymore. It is no wonder why many are reluctant to sign up for cloud based home or office automation products.

NodifyMe addresses security in many ways. Some of which are:

  • Running within your home reduces or eliminates exposure to large, single hacks.
  • Your NodifyMe data is owned by you. If you delete something, it no longer exist's anywhere.
  • Your NodifyMe data is encrypted. Whenever you connect to the system from outside your home, you are using the latest in secure communication technology.