Secure. Fast. Modular. Easy.

Easy edge-first computing for the IoT and automation.

This project is run on donations. Please consider donating if you like what we are doing and would like development to continue.

NodifyMe allows you to connect to different hardware and software components directly as well as allowing you to connect the components to each other.

Click here to download the latest free version of NodifyMe without email hassels or gotchas.

Gettings Started

Check out the documents section for some quick start guides and NodifyMe overviews start now.


You can view some projects that have been done by us while we have been testing the platform here.

Make things never seen before by combining small building blocks.

NodifyMe can be used to control just about any piece of hardware from embedded to servers.

Edge First

Running at the edge means peformance, safety, reliablity and data-ownership.

Fast and Light

NodifyMe has no bloat. It is meant to run fast on limited hardware.


NodifyMe runs in your network. You will not be subject to any mass hacks on third-party systems.